Photo Community Mixer 2024, Los Angeles

    Authority Collective hosted a Photo Community Mixer on Feb. 9, 2024 at the Los Angeles Center of Photography, to coincide with the NatGeo Storytelling Summit held in LA that same week. Nearly 100 photographers, editors, directors and other members of the photo industry hailing from across the country attended the event. Tunes and a photo booth were provided by DJ Keelez and her team.

    Photo Community Mixer 2024, Los Angeles post image
    Photograph by Jovelle Tamayo. Design by Ashima Yadava.

    Visual Leadership Salon & Mixer Reel

    Video by Kawai Matthews

    Visual Leadership Salon 2024

    Visual Leadership Salon 2024 post image
    Photograph by Authority Collective

    Authority Collective hosted its second annual Visual Leadership Salon on Feb. 9, 2024 at Las Fotos Project in  Los Angeles. This gathering of visual storytellers served to create opportunities for visual leaders — photo editors, art directors, curators, and producers — to connect with photographers and others interested in that work. 

    In line with Authority Collective's mission, the event centered women, non-binary and transgender people of color while being inclusive of all visual storytellers. Topics discussed included: building a career in the visual media industry; handling ethical challenges in visual leadership; navigating the emergence of generative AI imagery; and making a career transition, among many others.


  • headshot_Paris Chong

    Paris Chong

    Gallery Director, Leica LA

  • headshot_Lauren Crew

    Lauren Crew


  • headshot_Shweta Gulati

    Shweta Gulati

    Interactive Video, NatGeo

  • headshot_Essence Harden

    Essence Harden

    Curator, CAAM

  • headshot_Jehan Jillani

    Jehan Jillani

    Senior Visuals Editor, The Atlantic

  • headshot_Coleen Jose

    Coleen Jose

    Head of Community, Content Authenticity Initiative, Adobe

  • headshot_Elizabeth Krist

    Elizabeth Krist

    Visual Thinking Collective

  • headshot_Taylor Le

    Taylor Le

    Design Director, LA Times

  • headshot_Kawai Matthews

    Kawai Matthews


  • headshot_Danielle Scruggs

    Danielle Scruggs

    Photo Editor, Wall Street Journal

  • headshot_Jovelle Tamayo

    Jovelle Tamayo

    Multimedia Editor, The Marshall Project

  • headshot_Karen Williams

    Karen Williams

    Visual Director, Black Visual Queen

  • headshot_Monique Woo

    Monique Woo

    Photo Editor, Washington Post



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