Authority Collective (AC) is a global network of 400+ women, non-binary and gender expansive visual storytellers of color. We work across a variety of visual mediums (incl. photography, film, and VR/AR) and in all genres (i.e. news, commercial, sports, marketing, corporate, editorial, etc). AC’s mission is to empower marginalized visual storytellers with resources and community, and to take collective action against systemic marginalization in visual media industries. We ask the questions we do about your identity, experience and skills to get a better understanding of how we can best serve you within the AC Community. Your responses will also be used to populate both the horizontal skillshare network and the new external membership directory that is available for hiring purposes*.

    To join, you must:
  • Be a woman/non-binary/gender expansive or trans person of color. (Aperson of color is defined as someone who is not white, often from a historically marginalized or colonized group.)
  • Be actively working in or working toward a career in lens-based visual media — as a photographer, videographer, filmmaker, VR/AR specialist, producer, etc. We welcome students and emerging media makers!
  • Have a commitment to making photography and film industries more equitable by holding decision-makers accountable for ethical, equity practices.
    As a member of the Collective, you'll have access to:
  • Community events and internal newsletters with job, event, mentorship, grant and scholarship opportunities
  • A pool of resources including academic readings, contact lists and guides for navigating the industry, working with editors, pricing, etc.
  • Private Slack + Instagram Friends groups to share concerns, promote your work, ask questions, seek mentorship opportunities, etc.
  • Horizontal membership directory for skill and expertise sharing (internal only)
  • Inclusion in an external database for hiring parties (option to opt out of this)
  • A community of badass folks who have your back and understand the struggle.

Please email us with any questions at

*You can opt out of having your information shared in the external membership directory if you do not want your gender, sexuality or ethnic identities shared publicly for hiring purposes.

**If you are NOT a woman or nonbinary person of color, but you would still like to be a part of AC as an Ally, please mark that option within the survey. Email us with any questions about this option!